About Lost River

Lost River, West Virginia, is one of those rare places that is close to the urban centers of metropolitan Washington DC and Baltimore MD but feels like it is worlds away. It is the sort of place where the bank teller knows you by name. Where residents and weekenders alike meet over lattes or panini sandwiches at the local general store to chatter about the local goings on. It is the sort of place where a cord of wood will cost you about a quarter of what it costs in the city . . . and it will be stacked for you, too.

In Lost River the air is fresher, the stars are brighter, the people seem friendlier. The seasons are more vivid, or maybe the only difference is that here there is time to notice.

Is life simpler in Lost River? Maybe it’s a state of mind or maybe it’s fact. Either way, the peaceful effect is the same.

Now you have the opportunity to be part of the rarified few who call Lost River home . . . for the weekend or full-time. All modern conveniences plus many luxuries — imported marble counters, whirlpool baths, DSL, to name a few — are standard in a new luxury residence in Phase I at Lost River Crossing.